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Welcome to the new www.kenstallings.com website.  This website is a personal blog with items of interest to my family and myself.  Included are also some downloads of aircraft and missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator products.

To access them click the Flight Sim downloads link appearing on the left column of this home page.

This website focuses on interests and hobbies such as general aviation and the many flights I've taken over scenic areas of the United States.  That link gives you access to several slideshows of photos taken of these special places.  Then, there are some columns written on my personal philosophies of life.  These are a bit political, but never of a nasty or angry tone.  In fact, it is hoped these columns point consistently to the need for a return to civility.  Then, there are the delightful antics of our pet ferret, Paco!  If you want good ole family video fun, that link is for you! 

So, kick back and sit a spell.  You are most welcome to see what's here.


Ken Stallings

I've been wanting one of these historic rifles for a long time and thanks to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), I now have one.  This is an M1 Garand -- the rifle the truly won World War II.  Have a look at the photos!

CMP M1 Garand

After driving the same vehicle for 13 years, it was time for a few changes.  So, I essentially gave my oldest son my previous vehicle and purchased a new one for myself -- a 2013 Ford Escape SEL.  Of course, it had to be red in color -- NC State Wolfpack red!  Ford has done a lot of innovation, and they are putting winning products on the road.  Their 2.0L "EcoBoost" engine is amazingly powerful.  In fact, this so-called SUV is more like a sports car with its acceleration and handling.

2013 Ford Escape SEL

In late 2011, the family decided it was time to sit down for some formal portraits.  Our youngest Michael made a valid comment in that our previous family portrait hanging on the wall was taken before he was born!  And that's not cool for him!  So, we decided to rectify that oversight.  Here are some of the final portraits we took.  The photographer did a nice job I think!

2011 Family Portraits

 Since I have retired several years ago from military service, I decided it was OK now to post a link to these photos taken from a deployment I did years ago.


I have also created a slideshow showing a family of rabbits who set up home a few years ago in my front yard.  They have certainly seemed to enjoy themselves!